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Cheder Chabad Girls of Long Island was founded with the vision of providing a warm and inspiring Chabad Lubavitch chinuch in the Long Island area, where girls have the opportunity to learn in a Chassidishe environment, enabling them to grow to appreciate what it means to be a Bas Chabad.  Our bold Torah curriculum, reflecting the values and teachings of the Rebbeim of Chabad, instills the warmth and teachings of Chassidus – an invaluable gift, lasting a lifetime.


CCGLI provides a full curriculum of Judaic and General academic studies for Elementary School. Our educational methods encourage students to become independent, resourceful and creative thinkers in both Judaic and secular studies. 


A dedicated, highly qualified staff provides a warm, Chassidishe atmosphere wherein a love of learning and ‘doing’, coupled with respect for others is nurtured. Each student is guided, in a loving and caring environment to grow to her full potential.


If you’ve navigated your way to this page, it means you are considering Cheder Chabad Girls Long Island for your daughter. Are you looking for a small, nurturing environment? A classroom where your daughter will be immersed in Limud HaTorah and the warmth of Chassidus? Where Chumash and math skills are seamlessly meshed together in a well-rounded curriculum? Where the halls are filled with happy voices and Ahavas Yisroel?


Welcome to Cheder Chabad!

We’re preparing leaders of the future while staying closely connected to our past.

Call me. I look forward to meeting you, giving you a tour and answering any questions you may have.

Wishing you much, continued nachas!


Mrs. Chavie Lieberman                                                                                               


"חנוך לנער על־פי דרכו גם כי־יזקין לא־יסור ממנה"

"Educate a child according to his way; even when he grows old, he will not turn away from it."

Proverbs 22:6




305 Riverside Blvd

Long Beach, NY 11561

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